The biggest reason why Kalde has turned into the world’s leading brand lies in its production capacity and power. 
Kalde has especially optimized production systems in order to be able to react quickly to the variable structure, which can occur in the world markets’ demand. Thanks to both its infrastructure of machine equipment and mold technology, Kalde can produce much more in much less time compared to other institutions in the sector.

The annual production capacity of Kalde Group’s PPR, PVC and metal plants as of 2014 can be summarized as

  • 72,000 tons of PPR material
  • 24,000 tons of brass metal material
  • 48,000 tons of PVC material
  • 2.000.000 meter Radiator

Kalde also attaches great importance to the issue of finding the best raw materials for high product quality. Therefore, researches on metal and plastic raw materials are regularly conducted worldwide.